Wildlings Toy Boutique

Whether you’re 8 years old or 80 years old, toy stores will always bring about a warm feeling of excitement. This is one of the reasons why working with Wildlings Toy Boutique was extra special!🧸🚂

Wildlings Toy Boutique is all about joy-filled purposeful play and sparking the kind of play that develops lifelong learning, joy chasing, world-changing, adults. Our goal was to lay out a foundation and incorporate certain design elements to bring their brand to life. We are proud to say we did just that!👷‍♂️🚂👷‍

Brick walls are a classic way to add texture, interest, and a refreshing look to any space. When constructing this bathroom for Wildlings Toy Boutique, our goal was to encompass various brand elements — from the earthy tones to the accessibility fixtures to the functionality of the space.

And for the final touches, we added a gold step stool so small children can easily wash their hands and stay clean!

This cash wrap we designed for Wildlings Toy Boutique was customized to match their brand colors and provide a personalized shopping experience, even as customers make their way to the counter.

Having a visually appealing cash wrap is an effective way to increase sales and improve the customer experience. We combined practicality and strategic placement when designing this two-part unit. As you walk into the boutique, you get a nice view of the cash wrap and the shelves we built along the side for easy access merchandise.

When we sat down with the owner of Wildlings Toy Boutique, she mentioned how important it was that they value play, sustainability, design, and education. Just as this boutique expertly curates the toys they sell, we expertly curated certain design elements to enhance the sustainability aspect of their brand.

The wooden pegs on this wall we designed for the boutique are interchangeable, so they can be mixed, matched, and customized however needed. As the toy store grows and new toys are brought in, they’ll be able to adjust the sizing of the shelves how they see fit.